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We at Mascari Realty & Auction Company want to help your family get the most from your current home when you’re ready to move. We have provided real estate sales and auction services to the Indianapolis area since 1977 and want to provide our expertise to you!

If your real estate won’t sell, think Auction!

10 Reasons to Auction Real Estate

1. Seller Controls Sale
You control the details of the sale; you don’t have to ‘wait’ for a buyer.
2. Values are falling fast!
Prices are going down as fast as they were going up!
3. An Auction is an event.
People win auctions, they don’t just make ‘offers’.
4. Urgency to Buyers
With a specific sale date, buyers must act now!
5. As-is, Where-is
That is how auctions work. Disclose and sell NOW!
6. No Contingencies
The only requirement is a clear title – simple and easy.
7. Quick Cash Closing
Usually 30 days or less after auction.
8. Qualified Buyers
Buyers are qualified, with a cash deposit or bank approval.
9. Highest Cash Price
Auction buyers know they only paid ‘one bid more…’
10. Lower Cost to Sellers
Sellers keep 100% of the high bid price.

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